Do I need any previous experience to enrol into a class?

In order for you to enrol into one of our Classic Training course there is NO previous experience needed. We will teach you all there is to know from lash application, starting a business, social media and more. Along with our exclusive Mentor Program where you get to have Ashleigh Lacorcia as your personal Mentor to help you fast track your career. 

Can I complete both courses at the same time/on the same day?

The Classic and Volume Courses need to be completed on separate dates and with a minimum of 4 weeks in between, allowing you time to perfect the Classic application and knowledge. You will need to have confidence in the Classic application where you can complete a fullest in approx. 1.5 – 2 hours. This will give you a solid foundation so that the Volume Training will be a lot simpler for you to grasp. 

Can I complete the Volume Training without completing the Classic Training?

Volume Training can and should only be done once you have successfully completed your Classic Training. Classic lash Training is the foundations of the lash industry, it teaches you the theory behind lashing and focuses more on the foundations of lash application, without this you will struggle during the Volume application. Volume Training touches base on those foundations but is more a technique focused and an advanced styling class. 

When do I receive my certificate?

You will receive your certificate of completion at the end of your training day as long as the theory and practical works have been completed. 

Will I need to bring anything to the training classes?

We provide all of our students with a full size large kit, with this kit you will be able to complete approx. 20-30 full sets. You will use this kit in class and is yours to take home to continue to use. We have all you will need to be able to compete the training, students must only bring a model for their practice. 

Do you offer payment plans?

We are happy to organise a payment plan at request (interest free *), the full amount must be paid prior to the training date. 

What experience does the educator have?

Ashleigh Lacorcia the owner and Educator here at the Academy has more than 10 years’ experience in the lash industry, she has started a lash business from the ground up, from running a small lash business from home to opening a salon with multiple staff members. Not only does Ashleigh have the skills that create well known and recognised work, a lash stylist to celebrities and influences, she also is very business minded and will teach you how to run a successful lash business and show you strategies to help you grow a financially strong business. 

After my training, what will it enable me to do?

As a student of the Ashleigh Lacorcia Lash Academy you will have the exclusive opportunity to be a part of the Mentor Program that is only offered to students. This program allows you to have complete access to Ashleigh where she becomes your personal Mentor. This will enable you to start your very own business with the help and guidance of your mentor, this will fast track your career as you will be able to ask Ashleigh for help and any advice that you may need to further advance your business. You will be gaining this information from a well experienced lash stylist and business owner that has done it all before.